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The PowerUp Team


President & Founder



Senior Software Developer

Joe is an extraordinary manager and a superb listener. Once a boy scout, Joe still always comes prepared. He’s able to communicate with business people across all levels of the organization, as well as artists/designers and technical staff with equal ease. Joe has many years of technology experience as a developer, teacher and project manager, and he is extremely adept at translating complex business requirements into practical processes and functional technical solutions.


Todd is a worker-bee with a creative mind. He thinks in the abstract, lives in the finite and is a friend of the unknown. At his desk, client needs are absorbed and translated into easy-to-use solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in computer systems hardware/software and a decade in information architecture and application development.

He also has won a Juno, and is frequently found on stage throughout the world. 



Vice President, Soccer


Web Developer
& UX Pro

Dan has vast business development experience, and a strong track record of successfully identifying opportunities and delivering customer service excellence. Collaborative and extremely diligent, he is adept at working with professionals of all backgrounds, disciplines and technical abilities to merge business understanding with technical know-how. Dan is also bilingual (English/French), and has worked in a variety of industries in Canada, Australia and the UK.

He also makes a mean homemade mac 'n' cheese (according to his daughter). 


Angus can often be found bouncing in his chair to music while programming new features or implementing new screens for PowerUp.  Not the most sport-savvy of the bunch he spent his youth kicking it on the dance floor instead of kicking balls over the goalline. These days he spends his spare time reading articles on emerging web technologies and user experience trends or updating his skills via online courses.

Angus looks forward to teaching his infant son to breakdance.


UI Analyst &
UX Afficianado


Security Analyst & Systems Developer

Carmen does not ride a unicycle with any skill, but that is one of the only things she cannot do. A creative problem solver, Carmen brings to her work the experience of 20 years as an engineer -- computer and domestic.

Carmen is passionate about good design and easy user interface. Both a developer and master tester, she is adept at rendering complex organisation and business problems into streamlined systems.

Adam installs, secures, and manages the infrastructure that is required to keep PowerUp performing at its best. He is always seeking to improve our systems to achieve the best possible security and performance. With his nimble use of technology, Adam is assisting PowerUp in its goal of ensuring a responsive and friendly user experience.