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Considerations for Canadian Clubs

We’re Canadian, eh!

All Canadian businesses have an obligation to follow federal and provincial law in regards to data privacy. Canadian PEPIDA legislation and various provincial acts (in Ontario, the Personal Health Information Protection Act is applicable) require that personal data is held on servers within Canada. If the data is not held in Canada, it is not only in violation of federal law, but also, if held in another country, such as the US, your data will be subject to the US Patriot Act.

PowerUp Sports maintains a Canadian sovereign, PCI certified data centre located within Canada, with exceptional physical security and service redundancy.

Make sure you add it all up.

The cost of your online service is composed of two parts: your software service fees, and your online merchant account fees. 

PowerUp provides the most comprehensive product features in the industry, and at a fair cost providing good value. All in Canadian funds

PowerUp works with leading online merchant account providers to ensure the lowest possible online costs for our clients. Furthermore, PowerUp does not touch your money:  the merchant account is yours, and flows directly to your bank account on the schedule you determine.

Online Merchant Account
Yes, it takes time, but you should have your own.

For almost 20 years, the online sports registration industry has tried to make it ‘easier’ on clubs by providing a merchant account. While easy for you to setup and get started, there is a significant cost to your organization, with rates running from 3.5 – 6.5%. And then there are additional software fees.

At PowerUp, we work with our clients to acquire their own merchant accounts. Not only to save you money, but also to provide you real-time access to you funds, securely. After all, it’s your money, and no one should be touching it. 

And things can go wrong.

In the 2000s, Count Me In was a leading and fast growing American online sports registration company, also providing services to many Canadian clubs, until things went horribly wrong, costing clubs over $5,000,000. 

Bellevue company sued over youth-sports fees

Youth sports programs missing funds

Online Sports Registration Vendor Strikes Out

Count Me In Corp. sued for stealing millions

We’re Canadian
Part 2

As a Canadian sports club running online, you have obligations to various federal and provincial legislation. PowerUp has always worked on your behalf to ensure your club meets the highest standards in this area, including:

It is your data.

Many vendors in the online sports registration business are really in another business: marketing. They want access to your data to advertise, sell travel programs, or generate income from your member list in any number of ways.

We believe your data belongs to your club. Period. PowerUp does not use your member data for any purpose, other than to develop our product further. We do not contact your members for any reason.

It’s all there.

Online registration is great, but that is only the beginning. 

For over 6 years, PowerUp has worked with Canadian youth sports clubs to provide the most comprehensive, integrated system in the industry, period. This includes many features  that are rarely found in other ‘integrated’ systems, and some features are unique to PowerUp:

All features can be managed granularly to conform to LTPD processes across the country.

So many rules.

Aside from legislative requirements like PEPIDA and CASL, clubs have numerous legal and governance needs to cover off.

Through PowerUp’s Volunteer Management system, clubs are assured the ability to record, monitor and report on the myriad of courses, certifications and other items that are required for management for the club, including: 

This is possible because PowerUp works the way clubs do: flexibly. PowerUp allows clubs to instantly create and track any course, certification or other requirement quickly and easily. And export the results in a snap.

We’re a mosaic, not a melting pot
Aussi, on parle français !

This might not be important to most, but it is important to us and many of our clients. 

We are a bilingual country, and PowerUp is very proud to be the only sports management system that is fully multi-lingual. 

So whether it is a bilingual club in Northern Ontario, the Ottawa Valley or New Brunswick, we’re there ensuring full access for the entire community. 

Also available in (almost) any language combination desired.