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AdZone Advertisers

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What is the AdZone?

The PowerUp AdZone is a communal effort of sports clubs across Canada working with PowerUp Sports to facilitate the placement of sponsor advertising within web sites, online registration systems and much more, all to the mutual benefit of clubs and sponsors. The program includes:

  1. Online advertising: be seen supporting the community
  2. Team sponsorship: have your logo placed on entire divisions, across multiple clubs
  3. Event, facility and tournament sponsorship: support local tournaments, events and club facilities

With the PowerUp AdZone, your organization does not have to find, communicate and negotiate with the thousands of youth sports organizations in Canada. PowerUp handles that all for you, providing feedback and reporting to understand how your participation is making an impact.

AdZone Reach

The PowerUp AdZone reaches hundreds of thousands of sports minded parents, players and community supporters across Canada. Some important statistics:

  • 79% of visitors are parents & players
  • 63.7% are the female head of household.
  • 21% are community supporters
  • Players & parents visit repeatedly throughout the year to retrieve schedules, standings and game results.
  • Average visit comprises:
    • 6.5 page views
    • Over 4 minutes per visit
  • The reach of the PowerUp AdZone network is growing at over 50% per year.

The AdZone Network

The PowerUp AdZone consists of the PowerUp MemberZone as well as individual club web sites, giving your organization fast implementation of your sponsor programs.

Getting Started

Interested in supporting youth sport in Canada? Your program can be run on set monthly terms or cost per impression (CPC). Programs can be designed to suit your budget, all while targeting the regions where you need to be seen.

For more information, contact us at, or call Joe Savoie at 416.406.2602.

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Call Local:
1-416-406-2600 x.21

Call toll-free:
1-877-612-5101 x.21

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